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Overcoming and Achieving Comes From Changing Your Thinking!
After1_zps3621fdddDanny Cahill’s life was a mess. The former professional musician with big dreams had grown to almost 460 pounds while he sat behind a desk, placing his dreams on a shelf to take care of everything but himself. His addictions made his debt grow, his weight grow, and his helplessness grow…they grew so big in fact that there seemed to be no way out. But then something happened – Danny decided to change his mind. He set a goal…not just any goal, but the largest and craziest goal he could think of – He would get on NBC’s hit Reality Show “The Biggest Loser”…AND WIN! He stood up in front of 60 classmates and made a bold statement! “I am going to get on that show…And I am going to win it! I will lose more weight than anyone else and be THE BIGGEST LOSER EVER on their show!” This statement was made an entire year before being chosen for the show out of hundreds of thousands of entrants. Danny not only made the show, but he DID become the winner of Season 8, losing 239 pounds in less than 7 months to become THE BIGGEST LOSER EVER!

Listen to Danny motivate and inspire as he says it is never too late, there is no dream too big, and limits are for losing! His presentation will be a turning point in any listener’s life. It’s not a speech, it’s an experience! The events on The Biggest Loser, as well as during his life, held the secrets to his own success – he just had to change his perspective and see it a different way. The principals to success are the same in any area: business, relationships, finances – allowing Danny to help the listener not only relate to his story, but see his journey in their own life.
Perfect for Corporations, Associations, Government and Educational groups, churches, as well as anyone needing to make a change in their life or achieve that goal and dream that was once thought unattainable!

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