YOU can make a difference!

We are in a race. Not a lone race, but a relay race! There were many that came before us and many will come after. We are but a small piece of the puzzle…a link in the chain. But like a puzzle, this race needs each piece to be complete. And like a chain, each “link” of this relay race strengthens or weakens the chain. Your importance in this race is immense. Will you weaken or strengthen the chain?
As for me, I will try to be a strong link…furthering the race for the next runner in line. I hope that I leave a legacy of HOPE for those who come after me, just as the story of Joseph in the bible has given me hope.
You see, Joseph showed me that no matter how low you go, the place you will be tomorrow may be the place you were meant to be so you can make the difference. Making the difference can come suddenly. It can be a difference for many as Joseph, or to one as a mother. That being the case, you never know when that link you are handing the baton to is a Joseph…meant to save a multitude in a way never expected!
I want to thank my parents who handed me a baton in this race. They weren’t perfect, but they made a real difference in my life. If you thought your life was fairly insignificant, think again! You have the ability…and the responsibility…to touch those around you in a positive way that can help shape their future. The question is will you step into your destiny and exercise your authority to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you?
Thank you mom and dad…for being exactly what you were supposed to be when I needed it. I and the ones I impact owe you a debt of gratitude for that…for living your purpose in life. I just hope that I can do the same.
Will you?

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