When you stumble, LOSE YOUR QUIT!

I asked a question to my fans the other day.  I asked, “How do you feel when you are dieting and you mess up?”

I got all kinds of answers, but most of them stated that they felt guilty and self-defeating.  There was one reply from my old friend Ken that struck me!  He said, “I feel the same as when I’m walking up a set of stairs and my foot slips off a step. I forget about what just happens and get back to the task of putting the next foot on the next step. My plan is to get up the stairs, not stand on the step that I slipped on and wonder what happened. I’ll never get there if I don’t move forward.”

Listen, I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Life is full of “slipped on steps” and “ups and downs,” but I guarantee that if you keep moving and quit looking back you’ll get farther than if you regret your stumble!  If you keep looking back, you cannot move forawrd.  And that’s the key…move forward.

I absolutely love that analogy.  Walking up stairs to the top of the staircase is perfect.  If you slip on a step and you stand there upset, you’ll never get to the top.  Dust yourself off and get moving!

This I’ll say.  If you can’t run, walk…if you can’t walk, crawl…if you can’t crawl, yell for help…JUST KEEP MOVING!

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