Untapped Potential

I was watching The Biggest Loser Tuesday night when Cara said something that struck a nerve with me. She was working out with Kaylee when she said, “You never know what a great fighter you are unless you’re put in the fight.” Oh how true! I never thought I could do the things I’ve done since being chosen to be on The Biggest Loser until now…and I know there is much more to be seen!

Here’s a great example. We were in Sam’s Club last week with the kids. They were acting up horribly! My son jumped on my daughter and she spilled her drink and began crying. I had told them a dozen times to “straighten up” but they just wouldn’t listen. I then said, “That’s it. No TV tonight!” Oh how the tears ran!
We got home and put up the groceries. They did their chores and ate dinner. They finished their homework and began the whining, “I want to watch TV! This is terrible! I’m missing my shows! There’s nothing to do!” etc. etc. etc.! I thought about it and posed the challenge: “If you can run a mile on the treadmill in less than 15 minutes, you can watch TV.” THEY WERE ALL IN! My son was first. He ran 1.2 miles in the 15 minutes and sprinted the last bit! My daughter got on the treadmill and ran her mile in less than 15 minutes and they got their TV back! 
Here’s the important thing. They NEVER thought they could run a mile! Not until they were challenged to. What can you do? Have you challenged yourself lately? The reason Biggest Loser competitions work is because people are challenged. I never thought I could run a marathon, much less two! But I was challenged and I did it!
If you need to do something or want to be better, simply challenge yourself to be better! Until you are challenged your “untapped potential” is simply going to sit there…waiting…collecting dust like that treadmill you bought a few years ago. To see if you’re up to the challenge, you must first be challenged. Begin today by setting a goal and doing it. My friend Noell Greeno finished her 1st ½ marathon today. When she said she couldn’t do it, I said, “Yes you can. You should do it.” She did. Way to go Noell! She rose to the challenge! Can you?

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