Turn on the Lights!

   The next time you walk into a room look at the opposite corner.  Imagine never seeing the tables, chairs, walls, and other obstacles between you and that opposite corner and the room being pitch black.  To get to the opposite corner would be tough; it can even seem to be next to impossible.  At the very least you will probably get a few bruises while bumping into the obstacles that you can’t see.

   Now think of how easy it is to get to that opposite corner with the lights on.  You can clearly see any obstacle in your way (kind of like the song!) You will navigate from the door to the opposite corner without hitting any obstacle and in record time!  What a thing sight is! (please read on…)

   The point I am trying to make is that without sight…without light…small problems are magnified.  Even a simple ball on the ground that you could step over if you see it can send you tumbling down.  So many people keep obstacles…their traps and tendencies…in the dark.  These things have great power over their ability to overcome and make simple daily decisions to better their lives.  They tend to tip-toe around in fear and hide those things that, if brought into the light, would have no power over them at all.

   I can tell you this because in my past I used to hide everything.  I hid my gambling addiction from my wife.  I hid my financial problem from everyone…including myself!  I hid my past away in the dark and continued to binge eat and feel that I could never overcome these things in my life!  But the moment I “turned on the light” in those situations, the tide began to turn.  I believe at the moment you go “palms up” and become more transparent in your life that you have hit the point of ‘high tide.’  The bottom has been hit and good things will begin to happen!  When my wife found out about the gambling it gave us the power to overcome it!  When Suzy Orman predicted that I’d win the Biggest Loser (which I did) she said it was because I was “willing to talk about my problems.”  She told me that the other contestants were too worried about what others thought and because of that carried a weight on their shoulders that I no longer had to worry about.  Bob said when I broke down into tears during my first workout and admitted I was a man that just gave up that he knew I had the ‘clarity’ to go a long way in the Biggest Loser house.  Jillian said when the “switch flipped” in my head and I had that epiphany (in week 6 of The Biggest Loser) that I was capable of so much more she knew in her heart that I would win the show.

   All of these things start with one thing; the willingness of baring it all…laying it all out on the table for the whole world to see…losing the lies of the past and being ready to walk boldly into the future.  When you are willing to face your fears and problems you will be able to overcome overwhelming odds and become the champion that God made you to be.  But until you are willing to face the problems you will be forced to face them again during your struggles…forcing you to divert attention to the same thing over and over again and take from the task at hand.

   Sit down today and do one thing…make a list.  Make a list of those things that you have failed to acknowledge and make a commitment to change.  You cannot heal what you don’t acknowledge, so begin with that one step.  In AA, the first step is admitting your problem.  Then you can deal with that problem.  Until you do that, you are spinning your wheels.  Are you not taking care of your personal health…your finances…your family…your addictions?  Begin with one.  Choose one thing you can acknowledge and change and start down that path today.  I started with quitting smoking.  Then I acknowledged my gambling addiction and got into a debt reduction program.  Then I attended Discovery and began dealing with my “fear obesity” and pain of my past.  Only then could I go to The Biggest Loser and win that show.  Start with 1 step and you will be taking that first step to moving your mountain!  I know you can…I know this because I did it.  And I tell you one thing, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it!

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