Train your mind to find success

 I am training for another marathon.  I’m having a bit of a rough time with it, too!  I now have Bunions on my feet which hurt, and I am not in the shape I was in when I ran Boston last year!  I have a few pounds to lose…which will happen in the process of this training, but more than that, I have to break through those limits again.  What limits you ask?  Well, let me tell you about them.

 We all set limits on ourselves.  Limits like “I can only run 3 miles…no more” and “There is no way I could ever run for an hour straight!”  Limits like “I will never own my own company” or “Why would they pick me for that promotion?”  Limits like “I can’t lose this last 20 pounds” or “I might be able to make a living, but I’ll never get ahead.”

 More than that, we all have coping mechanisms that try to keep us from getting out of our comfort zone.  The comfort zone is a dangerous place.  It NEVER stretches you to greater achievements and it is, in fact, a dream destroyer.  To reach new heights, you have to get OUT of that comfort zone.  To do that, you have to break through those limits you set on your life.   You have to write a new story in your mind…tell your mind that it’s coping mechanisms are not going to rule your life…your motivations are!

 When I started running for this marathon, the first time I ran 5 miles was tough!  It was 2 weeks ago.  I thought I was going to die!  In fact, each time I run my mind turns on its coping mechanism at one point and says, “This is really hard!  You can’t do much more Danny.  It might be time to stop.”  At that point I have two choices.  One choice would be to listen to my mind and get back in my comfort zone…which leads to destroying your goals and dreams.  The second is to tell my mind to shut up and deal with the pain for a bit longer.  This stretches you to a new limit.  First it’s 5 miles, then 6, then 7…and so on.  Then, finally on the day of reckoning it is 26.2 miles.  That is when you have arrived at that goal.  You HAVE to take control of your mind. To train your body you must first regain control of your mind.  When you have that control you will be surprised at what your body can do!

 I’ve noticed something.  With every run that I increase my distance that point when my mind speaks up and tells me to stop is a little farther into the run.  I remember running Boston.  My mind turned on at mile 14.  It told me that I was finished and I hadn’t even reached Heartbreak Hill yet.  I told my mind that I WASN’T finished and we would cross that finish line!  When I first started training for this marathon, my mind turned on at about mile 1 ½.  Then it was Mile 2.  Now I find it at mile 4.  I am training my mind to withhold negative thoughts longer and longer until, finally, I can run that marathon!  So I will tell you, in your race…whether it be for a new business, a book you want to write, or a marathon you want to run…your mind will most definitely tell you to quit.  That is when you have to “Lose Your Quit” and tell your mind what is going to happen instead of your mind controlling you with self-imposed limits.  Each time you begin something, the distance from where you start to where your mind tells you to quit will get farther and farther.  Your world is expanded and you are no longer the same person you were.  You become better for it, and you can achieve more in your life and relationships.  You begin to regain control of your thoughts which, in turn, determine your results.


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