Tomorrow is NOT pig out day!

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope everyone who can will attend the Turkey Trot Friday Morning at 8:30am downtown Tulsa! It will be a great way to stay on track, work off that stuffing or pie you might have had, and just do something good for you. You know, we often don’t take care of us, and Black Friday would be a good time to begin again after Thanksgiving! I’m sure going to be there running it!

Here are a few things to think about tomorrow:
1. Thanksgiving does NOT have to be just about the food! It is about people and our gratitude to what God has given us in our lives!
2. Use a smaller plate and eat only one serving! (Don’t worry! There will be more for later in the day when you are hungry again! No need to stuff it all in at once!)
3. Fill your plate like this: 1/4 protein (Turkey), 1/4 starches (potatoes, stuffing, bread), and the other 1/2 of the plate with veggies/fruits (salad, cranberries, etc.) This will give you proper portions of each food!
I know, I know, Thanksgiving happens only once a year…BUT DON’T MAKE IT ONE DAY YOU REGRET! Eat sensibly and be mindful of what and how much you are eating! If you want to go back for seconds, try waiting 15 minutes while drinking a glass of cold water – you will probably get that signal that your mind sends when you are full by then!
So this Thanksgiving, let’s break the habit of making this holiday season a season of gaining pounds – let’s make it a season of feeling great about our choices!
Danny C

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