TIME is relevant!

Definition 19 of “TIME” on Dictionary.com is “the right occasion or opportunity.”

Well, the TIME is NOW! So many times over the years I used it as an excuse…”I don’t have enough TIME!” Have you? Now…Look at your life. Really take a long hard look. If you look close enough, I’ll bet you have TIME for so many things less important in the scheme of things than being healthy and living a long, healthy life. Take that TIME and “re-schedule” it and give priority to the thing that matters…YOU!
My point is that you have TIME for what you make a priority. It’s is TIME to make yourself a priority! It is TIME to stop lying to yourself about not having enough TIME! The right TIME is NOW! Stop waiting for some extraordinary event or special validation! Start using your TIME to save your life! That may be by losing weight, exercising and eating right, going back to school, writing that book you’ve been wanting to write, cleaning out the garage, or WHATEVER! The “RIGHT OCCASION OR OPPORTUNITY” is now. There is no better TIME than the present! Begin today, and LOSEYOURQUIT.COM


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