The Dreaded Plateau

Do you want to know how to get through that dreaded Plateau?  Well, read on…

Alright, I have a theory on the dreaded plateau. One of 3 things has happened: 1-You are eating more (without realizing it,) 2-You are exercising less or with less ‘work,’ or 3- You are doing exactly the same thing and your body is now more efficient, resulting in the “balance” that we like at our goal weight!

Now, I have 3 solutions: 1) up the intensity of the workouts and/or change them up. If you keep doing the same things, your body will burn less and less as you lose weight until you sit still. Upping the intensity will make you burn more calories. 2) Re-examine your diet and eat less or change up what you eat. Most of the time, re-examining your diet shows that you have been sneaking in a few more calories here and there resulting in a plateau or gain, and 3) quit lying to yourself saying some magical force has made you hit a plateau and do either No. 1 or No. 2 or BOTH! Jillian Michaels is right…It’s Calories in, Calories out…No magic formula. If you are not losing weight, you are not burning more than you are eating, for whatever reason that is.

Be sure to see your doctor about working out and the right calorie intake. Never change up things too drastically without talking to an expert. And good luck breaking through that PLATEAU you have been fighting!

By the way…substitute food and exercise for work habits and business plans and you can break through that plateau in your business too! Are you holding on to things you need to let go? Do you need to “up the intensity” by advertising or trying new things? You see what I mean? This weight loss thing is really LIFE! Be sure to!

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