The Biggest Loser Danny Cahill asks, “What is your fuel? Faith or Fear?”

Tonight I thought of something. We operate in 1 of 2 areas: Fear or Faith. My wife Darci and I went to a marriage seminar and learned to recognize our “fear cycles.” These are a sort of coping mechanism that we revert to when we feel threatened by one of our big fears. One of my fears is that what I say means very little to others. When I was a child I fought for attention. I was the last of 3 children and I would say crazy things, get loud, and be ridiculously annoying to others…all because I was fearful that I meant less than my two older sisters. One of my wife’s fears is that she is not good enough. She had spent years hearing criticism from those around her about how she wasn’t pretty enough, skinny enough, or a good enough dancer. Sometimes in our everyday conversations a request that I make can come across to her as telling her that she is not performing up to par or good enough. And sometimes I feel that what I say doesn’t mean very much to her. We then get caught in our “fear cycle.” It is like a hurricane that feeds itself. As long as we stay in our fear cycle we are helpless to the situation. The moment we step back from our past fears, the helplessness of the hurricane subsides and we see the truth. Then we begin to operate in our “faith cycle.”

My pastor Orlando Juarez often says, “Focus on who you are instead of who you aren’t.” If we focus on our faith and the truth about who we are, the fears can’t take over. It’s okay to be scared, but making decisions in fear leads to unbelief in yourself. A few weeks back on The Biggest Loser, Arthur made a decision out of fear. Because of that decision he eventually got sent home. If Arthur would have just operated in the faith that he could accomplish what he needed to accomplish he would have never played a game and may have never been sent home.
If you operate in faith…faith in who you are and what you can accomplish by “losing your quit” and going the distance by believing in yourself…you can truly do anything.  If you choose to operate in fear and unbelief in yourself, you are in danger of retreating into your fear cycle.  Choose faith instead of fear and you can achieve your dreams!

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