Just MOVE! Any way you can!


Well, sitting here on the runway in Dallas, Texas waiting for the airline maintenance to bring a part for the plane, I thought of something. How many times do we sit with time on our hands and aimlessly waste otherwise valuable time? It brought to my mind the memories of being 450+ pounds and sitting in my back room office in Tulsa in which my normal movement every day was only my right wrist and index finger (I was working a mouse!) I spent an average of 10-11 hours a day sitting in that chair, doing nothing about weighing 450 pounds. Why didn’t I move more?
I was talking to the eliminated contestants on the upcoming Biggest Loser Season 10 when an interesting discussion took place. They were all interested in how many calories I took in, but most of all how much I worked out. You see, in the more than 230 contestants on the Biggest Loser, I own the coveted title of The Biggest Loser EVER! I lost 55.58% of my total body weight which is the most in the history of the show. Well, when I told them, I heard the gasps!
You see, I told them the truth…I worked out an average of just over 7 hours a day! Hard workouts! When I could, I moved! They all thought I was crazy! Was I crazy? I think I just had CRAZY DETERMINATION to complete the task set before me. I told many people over 1 year before I got on the show that I would lose more than anyone in history and be the Biggest Loser Ever. Well, when the opportunity came, it wasn’t a question of how much I would work out…I would work out as much as possible without hurting myself! To achieve your goals and dreams, you have to spend much of your “off” time making progress towards finishing and achieving that goal or dream! This means EVEN WHILE YOU WORK!
One contestant from season 10 said, “I work in a reputable law firm. I work all day! I don’t have the time to work out!” To that, I told her she would have to make time. Somehow, she would have to make it happen. To that, Dr. Huizenga, the overseeing doctor on the show spoke up and asked, “Can you raise your monitor up in your office?” She asked why and he told her, “You have to stand up while working! You have to walk in place, March, rock back and forth, sway side to side, anything to burn more calories while you work!” Her reply was that that would never be able to happen. Her comment told me a little about how much she wanted that coveted home prize of $100,000, and more important to get to the finish line by finale! You see, I never allowed myself to watch TV during my competition (except when I watched some episodes of my season airing during the show) unless I was on the treadmill! I got a treadmill in my living room, turned on the TV (usually a John Wayne movie,) and started walking uphill or jogging. If I wasn’t moving, I didn’t watch TV! Also, Dr. H’s comment is true! Fidgeting can burn many calories! Sitting on an exercise ball burns about 700 more calories daily than sitting in a chair. SO GET RID OF THAT CHAIR WHILE YOU ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT! Do leg raises while working. By a peddler you can peddle while working. Take the stairs (sometimes even when you have nowhere to go!) Walk/jog to and from work! Bike instead of using your car! JUST MOVE! ANY WAY YOU CAN!
The only thing standing in your way of achieving success is YOU! So get out of your way and find new ways of doing things! If you want something different, you have to do something different! Now, GET OUT THERE AND MOVE!

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