Well, I’m off this morning to Ohio to go to the Big Reach Center of Hope for tomorrow’s “Back to School” event. We will be handing out backpacks for underserved children in the area, as well as giving them check-ups, haircuts, and food so they can worry a little less about going back to school! What a great cause! You might wonder what I mean about “Letting Go.” For those of you who have heard my motivational speech, you might think I am talking about “letting go of the regrets” of your prior decisions and failures and learning from them. Or you might think I am talking about “letting go of the lies” that hold you back from seeing the truth about your situation or keep you from beginning your journey to a new life. Those are all true, but today I am just talking about “LETTING GO OF THE TREADMILL!”

  I am recently recovered from surgery, and during surgery, I put on almost 10 pounds! I couldn’t exercise, but more importantly I ate horribly. I gave myself an excuse to have all the things I hadn’t had in a year…and large helpings of it too! As a result, I stepped up the 1st step to gaining the weight back. The difference between now and before is that I promptly turned 180 degrees and am stepping down that step before it gets too late.
  In the process, I jogged 1 mile to my local fitness gym and got on a Precor AMT (if you haven’t tried this, you MUST! I burn 700 calories in 40 minutes on the highest level!) It is stationed behind the line of treadmills. During my training session, I watched 17 people get on the treadmills in front of me. 14 people were “holding on” to the treadmill, and only 3 “let go” of the treadmill! 14 out of 17 were not using their core as much as they could! Jillian Michaels would be screaming at them! In fact, she yelled at me the 1st day of training on The Biggest Loser…”Danny! Let go of the *&$^#!@ Treadmill!” (Look back at the episode…When she is dealing with Shay, she does turn around and give me a screaming…and you will only see 1 line of a 10 line session with me!)
  When you get on a machine and hold on, you are doing yourself a disservice. It’s like running a marathon and riding half the way and then saying you ran a marathon. You are lying to yourself about how much work you are doing! Jillian would have me get on the treadmill on a 20 incline and NEVER let me hold on! Use your core! Burn more calories! Strengthen yourself quicker! Make the most of the time you have to exercise! JUST LET GO!

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