Give for a chance to win Biggest Loser Danny Cahill for a day!

Many of you have heard about my “Day with Danny” drawing I am holding.  Here are the details on how you can enter:

For those that give a $100 completely tax deductable donation to Destiny International Ministries before May 15th, they will receive one (1) entry for a “Day with Danny C!”  Danny will draw 1 name, and fly to their home to spend the entire day with them.  Work out, cook, pick his brain, ask him questions about The Biggest Loser, or whatever!  Feel free to pool $25 donations together to make 1 entry if needed, but no more than 4 people for the day.

If you can’t give $100, please give something.  It is a great cause and all proceeds will go towards the May Mission to help missionaries that are living overseas.

There are two ways to give.  Send a check or money order to Destiny International, PO Box 2264, Broken Arrow, OK  74013-2264


You can visit the website at and hit the “support” button to give via PayPal with a credit card.

If you would like more information, please email Danny at

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