I was thinking this morning and wondering, “What is it that finally makes me get something done that I have been avoiding for a long time?” Well, sometimes it is accountability or sometimes it is a deadline (like APRIL 15!) But sometimes that isn’t enough!  Sometimes you just have to GET MAD!

I can remember when I finally quit smoking. I was sitting in my car, puffing away on my ump-teenth cigarette that day, when I came to a stop light. I had a coughing fit that almost made me pass out! I then promptly took another puff. What in the world?! Was I stupid? I was slowly killing myself, but I just kept doing it! I then remembered the tobacco representatives saying to the congressional hearing, “Nicotine is not addictive in our opinion.” That enraged me! I’d had enough! I held up that cigarette in front of my face in the car and started screaming, “YOU DON’T CONTROL ME! I’VE HAD ENOUGH! I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU OR THE TOBACCO COMPANIES RULE MY LIFE ANYMORE!” 
That night, I stepped up in front of a group of people, wadded up my pack of cigarettes and threw them across the room! I said, “I am no longer a smoker! I am delivered of this right here and right now!” I was MAD! There was nothing that would make me smoke again! At that moment, I was mad enough that I had “changed my mind” about smoking! I never had another urge to smoke again. Cold turkey, I quit them. No patches, no gum, no shortcuts…I just quit…because I was MAD!
The same thing happened when I decided that the credit card companies weren’t going to make me a “slave to the lender” anymore. I checked out a video from the library called ‘The secret History of the Credit Card,” a Front Line Video. (The video can be seen online at After viewing that video, I was MAD AS HECK! I then knew the tricks the banks were pulling on us daily! I said then, “NEVER AGAIN!” I called my wife into the room and told her I’d had it! We were never going to carry a balance on credit cards again! There was only one problem…I was almost $45,000 in credit card debt. Well, after getting mad, we paid off the last card in just about 4 ½ years. That’s what you can do when you GET MAD
What in your life do you need to simply GET MAD about? Your weight? Your debt? Your unachieved goal? Your lost dream? The lies you have been holding on to? “Experts” telling you “You can’t do that! It takes money to make money!” And what else? Well, GET MAD and change your mind. Sometimes that’s what it takes.

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