Don’t ignore the problem, facts are friends

   Hey, I never wanted to admit that I was over 400 pounds. I never wanted to get on a scale at all! It was downright embarrassing! I’d purposefully avoid health care to avoid getting on the scale! Listen, how can you even know you are changing unless you get on the scale for the first time? Avoiding your credit card statements doesn’t make the debt go away. Not facing your problem only causes it to pop up again and again. I was sitting in an audience one night listening to Joyce Meyer speak. She said, “I’ve got news for you! You’re going to have to go THROUGH it, not AROUND it! If you go around it you will run into it again! Deal with the problem!” That night my wife and I cut up our credit cards and began a 4 ½ year journey that got us debt free except for our house! We now budget our money and know when we’ve overspent! I now get on the scale weekly and see where I am! Ignoring the problem is not the solution. Letting a sleeping dog lie can sometimes make that sleeping dog fat. What have you been avoiding?

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