Danny Cahill, The Biggest Loser EVER asks, “Will you HAVE WHAT YOU SAY or SAY WHAT YOU HAVE?”

On July 18, 2008, I made a profound confession. I stood up in my Discovery class of 61 people in Dallas, Texas and I told them I would get on The Biggest Loser and I would WIN! They were shocked at the size of that dream. Some doubted, some shook their heads, but the important thing is that I BELIEVED! I stated my dream in a journal entry and the three things that were holding me back from my dreams. Those things were 1. Not living with passion and being joyful in my life, 2. I needed to lose the weight, 3. I needed to lose the debt. Then I wrote something that sounded crazy; I wrote, “2 & 3 can be achieved by winning The Biggest Loser!” Then I signed it and dated it July 19, 2008.
That was 17 months before I won The Biggest Loser, Season 8: Second Chances and well before ever being chosen for the show! Is this just dumb luck? Is this coincidence? I think not!
A contestant on The Biggest Loser one week behind the gym told me, “Danny, I am planning to go home this week. I plan to go home every week! Everyone has to go home at some point, Danny.” I then said to this contestant, “You can plan to go home this week, but I’m planning to go home the last week! Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.” That contestant did fall below and get voted off that week. I lasted to the end and became The Biggest Loser Ever!
Our words are the keys to achieving our goals. You have to write your goals and dreams down! If you don’t confess them to yourself, you are just wishing and not believing! If you believe, all things are possible.
What is your goal today? Is it losing 20 pounds? Is it getting a new job? Is it going back to school? Is it fighting for your marriage? No matter the goal, SAY IT! WRITE IT DOWN! You then confess it with your tongue and begin the process of building a bridge to that goal. Your words can either say what you currently have, or allow you to have what you say! Which road will you travel? I choose the one that changed my life and can change yours! I will speak positive thoughts about my dreams!   I will choose optimism! I will choose to speak LIFE into my dreams and not DEATH!

To actually see that dream journal entry, go to http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=1697418069926&set=a.1262869406481.40533.1072084083

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