Danny Cahill comments on what it takes to lose weight?

         Many people ask what it takes to lose weight.  There are so many numerous ways to lose weight.  I think instead of fad diets (which can make you drop pounds) I like changing your lifestyle!  Yes, weight watchers works; yes, Jenny Craig works; yes, Dukan Diet works; but the fact of the matter is that eating good, healthy foods instead of fried, fast foods, lowering the calories you eat, and moving more daily is the bottom line and best way to lose weight.

            Most of all, it takes self discipline; you have to “Lose Your Quit” and decide that the finish line is where you are headed.   Let’s face it; we’ve all lost 10 pounds and gained it back before we finished the job.  That’s the freedom of choice that we are given!  But the sweet thing is that when you chose to “Lose Your Quit” and go to the end, ANYTHING is possible!

            There are often outside pressures to lose weight.  My family and friends once had an intervention when I reached 460 pounds.  It did no good whatsoever.  The fact is that it has to be your choice.  You have to find your own “why” and follow that daily to be your motivation.  There will always be pressures to lose weight from the world around you, and you can either run from it or turn it to be part of your motivation.

            If you find your “why’ and make it a big enough reason, you’ll find that motivation to do it!  I know people who have made a bet with a co-worker.  If that is what makes you motivated, go for it!  When talking to Dr. Hogan, the psychologist for The Biggest Loser, he once told me to put myself at risk.  That is what the show did.  I took my shirt off at 430 pounds in front of 20 million people and said I would be the Biggest Loser EVER!  And guess what?  I AM!

            I also told myself that the doctors weren’t lying!  I would not live to see my children grow up if I didn’t do something!  I pictured my wife and kids daily when I didn’t want to get on the treadmill.  That “why” kept me going those hard months on the Biggest Loser ranch!

            Now, after the weight has been lost, it is still a struggle!  I continually have to find a new “why,” put myself at risk, and keep myself motivated.  I currently am struggling a bit.  My father passed away a few weeks ago and I have slid into a depression and gained a few pounds.  Well, I don’t beat myself up about it.  I just decided to tip the plate the other way; I have to stop the downward spiral and slowly begin to climb back out of the hole.  Step by step I will succeed.  I will just remember my “why” and keep moving!

            So diets are fine, but they don’t work without changing your lifestyle.  And changing your lifestyle depends on you Losing Your Quit and Finding Your Why and beginning again when you slip down a step or two.  Keep climbing to that new you and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!  Danny C


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