Change The Channel!!!

 In life, one of two things can happen…the positive or the negative. I was talking with my pastor and his wife the other night and she said something that really shocked me. She said her daughter had moved to another school, and she was having some trouble making friends. She got up in the morning and said, “Today is going to be bad…I am going to eat lunch alone again! No one knows me here!” My pastor’s wife said “Dear, if you believe that and channel your energy to that, that is what will probably happen!” She then told her to speak out of her mouth, “Today is going to be great. I am going to make a new friend and eat lunch with someone.” 

Well, she did. You see, we tend to create our worst fears. If you are afraid you are going to fail, you probably will…only because you begin to believe it! Here’s another example:
As a child there was a young boy. His mother always told him, “You are very smart! But you are not mechanically inclined! Learn much but forget doing things with your hands!” 
The man was an incredibly smart individual, but he never did anything that took mechanical skills. You see, he was “programmed” to NOT do that! When he decided to begin blowing glass, he was surprised that he could learn and become great at it.  He alway thought he couldn’t.  Because he was PROGRAMMED no to! Change your PROGRAM!
Where are you channeling your energy and beliefs? START CHANNELING THEM FOR SUCCESS! CHANGE THE CHANNEL! YOU hold the key. YOU can change your future.  Channel your thoughts and beliefs to a positive, constructive, successful area! The results will surprise you!

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