Can’t to Can

While running in the pouring rain in Dallas, Texas yesterday with my wife, Darci, I realized something. The difference between many success stories of people I know are only a little bit different from the failures of many people! Often, the difference between success and failure is that one thing that the failures weren’t willing to do. That “Extra Mile,” so to speak. That is when I noticed…The difference between CAN and CAN’T is only 1 letter! If you erase the ‘T, you get success!

Whatever your goal, whatever your dream, that “extra” thing you do that the others will not do will define the level of your success. On the Biggest Loser ranch, I woke up a little earlier than anyone else and walked with Liz, then I went up to the gym late at night with the “youngsters” and would spin on the bikes! I watched my diet and calorie intake a little closer than the others in my opinion! This is what I attribute to much of my success on the Biggest Loser!

Go that extra mile, do that one more thing, run a little bit farther than the others are willing to! Change your “CAN’T” into a “CAN!”

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