Are you striving, yet just barely surviving?

I have come to the conclusion that more information isn’t always helpful. Reading “The 10 most common traits of millionaires” or “4 Steps to Success” will broaden your knowledge, but will it help you become a millionaire or be successful? I’ve found 1 or 2 well implemented good habits can get you farther than haphazardly doing the Top 20 things. Sometimes less is more, so to say, when implementing change. I know Jesus doesn’t require you to “do” hundreds of things. He only asks you to Believe, Love and Forgive. Could it be that simple? Could we all be chasing our tails? (or Chasing the Wind?) Might we “Labor to Rest” instead of always striving?

Here’s the bottom line: If you depend on the next book, on the next seminar, on the next diet, on the next sermon (yes, I said sermon), on the next big idea, on the next business you start, on the next headline you make, on the next pulpit you occupy – to make you feel happy, joyful, loving, worthy, useful, successful, or anything else, maybe it’s time to rethink what success and worthiness is in your life. Maybe you are depending on worldly things to be happy. Maybe it’s time to get back to basics and become “Faithful over Little.”

I think I (and quite possibly you) might be implementing that scripture (Matthew 25:14-28)  backwards. I think many, including myself, have been trying to be FAITHFUL OVER MANY things and in turn THE FEW THINGS that are truly important tend to suffer. Have you been spinning your wheels, doing so many things only to look back and see that many of them failed to meet expectations?

I also noticed that in the parable Jesus speaks in Matthew 25:14-28, Jesus did not weigh the two who were faithful by who gained more, but only that they had been faithful over what they’d been given. So if you constantly think your life isn’t as important as someone else who has more than you, take that to heart. I’ve seen someone making little money instill more with their little than some millionaires I know do with their riches.

Perhaps it’s time to simplify your life – to look at the most important aspects of your life, and become faithful to those instead of striving for success in other situations. The Biggest Loser door opened when I was being faithful over little. Jesus made me in charge of many things. And I kept trying to build and do more and more until those few things I was faithful to again began to suffer. Darci and I have taken time to step back from many of the things we’ve been a part of because it has been time to be faithful over little. We’re not perfect, but the peace we have in our lives now is priceless. And it’s very hard not to add those things back into our lives right now, but we have decided not to until our FEW things are shored up and God opens the door to the MANY again.

The next time you read a blog about how to be successful or join that “club” that will make you happy, ask yourself a few things: Is what I have flourishing to its full extent? If I add these things, will it take away from what I already have? Is striving for this going to take away my peace? I’m not at all saying do not work hard, but I am saying don’t make it about the work!

And then most importantly, ask God: Is this your idea or my idea?

Sometimes, we chase good ideas at the expense of a “God idea.”


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