Are you ready to “LOSE YOUR QUIT?!?!”

The first big problem with weight loss, as well as ANYTHING you want to accomplish is finding the resolve to go the distance!  To do that, you must LOSE YOUR QUIT!  If you can do that, success is a sure thing! The biggest problem with most goals is that people usually quit before they reach them!  This includes weight loss, sales, even house cleaning!  You name it!  If you can "lose your quit," you can then accomplish anything!  Over the years, I lost weight SEVERAL times.  But when I would see no results, I would quit, and gain all the weight back again.  If I had just "lost my quit," I could have been to my goal years ago!  So whatever it is you want to do…College, Business, Music, Weight loss, WHATEVER…Be sure you change your mind and "LOSE YOUR QUIT!"

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