Are you living with INTENT?!

Intention: 1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result 2. The end or object intended; purpose.
Do you have an intention? Are you living with intent? Whether or not you realize it, when we are born, the clock begins to tick.  Imagine an hourglass being turned over at the moment of your birth. The sand is running out! And if you are living without intent, you aren’t really living at all! 
My point is that for 12 years, I muddled through life with obesity, doing a job that I wasn’t meant for, and living without intent. Deep inside I knew I was meant to do something else! My friend Glenn Murray went back to school to better his life, and I used to walk outside my office to his area and say, “Why am I not playing music? I am not supposed to be in this back room office managing survey crews! I was meant for more!” Land Surveying is an honorable and extremely important profession…It just wasn’t meant to be mine. It was meant to be my father’s! I was meant for something different!
Are you living with intent? Or are you living to “get by?” Are your intentions to be the best at what you love to do? Or are your intentions to just muddle through like I was muddling through? You were meant to do something special on this earth! It is high time you figure out what that is and you go for it! It is never too late to change! If you think it is, look at my before and after picture. -239 pounds in less than 7 months! No other Biggest Loser contestant can say that! 55.58% lost! No other Biggest Loser contestant can say that! No go find your purpose and fulfill it!

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