A Hero in Waiting (YOU!)

What do you think of when you hear the word “Hero?” I think of John Wayne, Save the Day, Rescuer, Superman…But in reality that’s not at all what it is. One definition I found says, “a being of extraordinary strength and courage who is celebrated for his exploits.” That doesn’t say ANYTHING about saving the day, being superman, or being John Wayne! Where is that hero in you? It’s there…waiting to come out.   How do you bring it out? Well, I can tell you how I felt it woke up inside of me. Listen to this excerpt from an interview I gave on The Biggest Loser Season 8. This never made it to the show, but I think it is important nonetheless. (Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzj9ouZOonY)
“Since I was young, I always wanted to be that hero. I wanted to be the hero for my dad…I never quite felt like I was. I wanted to be that hero for my mom…for my family. Then I get married and I want to be that hero for my wife and that went to pot when I gained 230…240 pounds. Now I’ve got children involved…Heck yea! I want to be a hero. I need this…I feel like I need this. I don’t know if it sounds selfish or not…I need this for them, but I need it for me. Since I was young I’ve never felt like that guy that could win it all. I feel like that now. That’s why this is an incredible feeling…because I’ve turned the corner I feel like in that area of my life I’ve already won. I’m not afraid to get on the racetrack and race….I’m not afraid to fight for what I want…I’m not afraid to do what I need to do for me and my family. I have to lay it all out. If I hold one thing back, then I’ve failed. If I give it my all and lay it all out on the counter…all out for America to see, and I have given it my all and I lose, then I haven’t failed. But if I hold one thing back, then it’s the same old thing that it’s always been in my life…just get good enough to do this and don’t go any further. I’m done with that. I’m ready to be the champion that I know that I can be. And I can’t wait until I step down, and my son and my daughter and my wife…we’re all in an embrace and I can honestly say I did it…win or lose I can honestly say I did it, I put it out there and I gave it every bit I had. It’s gonna be awesome.”
I tell you, 2011 can be the year you GIVE IT YOUR ALL…LAY IT ALL OUT ON THE TABLE…WIN OR LOSE! If you truly give it your all in something, then even if you lose you are a hero. Let 2011 be the year that you become that hero you are meant to be. Pick something and give it your all, starting now. You are a hero.

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