Upcoming Events with Danny Cahill of the Biggest Loser

Tune in to NPR’s Morning Edition on Monday, August 8th to hear an interview with Danny Cahill of the NBC Series the Biggest Loser.

 Friday and Saturday, August 12-13 in West Palm Beach, Florida, John DiLemme and Danny Cahill will host a 2-day mastermind event for serious achievers!  If you want your life and business to move to a new level, go to http://lifestylefreedomclub.com/success/biggestloser/ for more information to grab up the last of the 4 spots left!  Don’t miss this life changing event!

 Joyce Meyer will be taping a segment with Danny and Darci on Discipline!  Did you know that it doesn’t matter what information you know if you don’t put it into action?  The one thing that you need to Lose Your Quit is Faith!  Faith is the belief in those things unseen.  When you are 430 pounds you MUST have faith that a 200 pound champion is in there ready to come out!  Watch for info on when this program will air!

 On August 28th Danny will be speaking in Perry, Oklahoma at the First Assembly of God Church.  Don’t miss this if you live in the area!  The story behind the story of the Biggest Loser’s Biggest Loser Ever is an amazing story of hope and faith that you won’t want to miss!

 On September 20th Danny will be speaking at the Inspire Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina! (Actually held in Fort Hill, South Carolina)  This event is packed with incredible speakers and is sure to be life changing!  Just remember, tough times don’t last…tough people do!  Go to http://www.inspireconferenceusa.com/ for information!

 On September 22nd Danny, who won season 8 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, will share his story with guests during the Children’s Miracle Network annual sponsor kickoff luncheon and awards program, Thursday, Sept. 22 at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club in Oklahoma City.  Contact the Children’s Miracle Network at (405) 271-2258 for more information.

 On September 24th Danny will be running the Staten Island, NY Spartan Run with Team Frado!  There will numerous Biggest Losers there, along with other reality TV stars.  Come out and run!  For more info go to http://www.spartanrace.com/staten-island-obstacle-racing-super-spartan-new-york.html and run with us!

 September 28th through 30th is the Lifestyle Intervention Conference in Las Vegas.  Danny will be attending and speaking about Losing Your Quit on the way to a new life!


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