The Biggest Loser Danny Cahill will be in Rogers Arkansas this Saturday, February 12!

Danny Cahill, The Biggest Loser EVER (55.58%) will be speaking at Gary Smalley’s "Love & Laughter" dinner, concert and marriage event this Saturday, February 12th!  Danny’s story goes far beyond just losing weight.  It is a story of an almost failed marriage that was restored.  His wife stood by him for 15 years of morbid obesity.  When her friends asked why she wouldn’t leave him, she said, "Love is a choice.  I said for better or for worse, and I meant it."  When Danny asked her why she stood firm all those years she said, "I always knew you were in there.  I always knew that you would stand up again!"

Danny owes much of his accomplishements to an incredible woman that stood by him, never lost her faith in him, and LOST HER QUIT when it came to their marriage!  She’ll tell you every day to NOT LOSE FAITH!  God has a plan and it includes your prosperity!  Not your failure!

If you cannot come out to see Danny, he hopes you will take this weekend to restore a little faith in your marriage, no matter where it stands, and take a small step by doing something for your spouse and asking nothing in return.  That small step can open the door that has been locked and open the door to a healing process that holds treasure beyond measure!

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