Run the Williams Route 66 ½ Marathon or 5k with Danny Cahill of the Biggest Loser

   On Saturday, November 19th in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Danny Cahill of the Biggest Loser will be running the 5K Race in the Williams Route 66 Marathon ( and on Sunday, November 20th he will also be running the ½ Marathon!  Sign up today and join Danny on a quest to “start again!”  After completing one race, Danny says you need to start another!  The William Route 66 Marathon is his next race!

    If you’ve never run a 5K or ½ Marathon, Danny encourages you to sign up!  Begin your training and accomplish something you never have before!  If you’ve run them before, come out and help Danny encourage those who haven’t!

   “This is about getting people to do something they’ve never done before.  When I was 430 pounds and sitting on the couch, the thought of running a marathon was the last thing on my mind.  Only 5 months after the day I left I ran my first full marathon, and the Williams Route 66 Marathon is part of my training for my 3rd!  One accomplishment fuels another, so come out and run with me!"

   You can visit Danny on Facebook at or at his website at  Also, he writes a motivational blog at  Watch his calendar on the website for upcoming events. 

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