Lose Your Quit

Alright.  There is a new page coming to my website.  It is going to be Motivational and Inspiration tips. Tips, Encouragements, and Just life lessons that I have learned that might help you all on your journy!  Tune in and I will at least put up 2 a week.  My first is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!  Lose Your Quit! 

For years, I lost weight at times, only to look in the mirror, see not much of a difference, and QUIT! Gain all that weight back and then some.  Over the years, I probably lost near 1000 pounds!  But I quit.  Well, during the show, I "LOST MY QUIT!" Guys, no matter what you haven’t been able to achieve before now, if you LOSE YOUR QUIT, you can, and WILL, get it done!  You just have to change your mind and LOSE YOUR QUIT! Get yourself back in the race. find your reason, and GO FOR IT! 

So, today, right now, I tell you to LOSE YOUR QUIT and start living life like you were meant to live it…As a CHAMPION!  Like Shay, Abby, Liz, Rudy, and all of the Losers!  GO FOR IT!


Danny C

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