Lose Your Quit (The meaning behind the title)

Have you ever felt that all the work you were doing just didn’t matter? Or maybe that it was no use, because the road was way too long and it was a lost cause? I have.

When I was 460 pounds, even if I lost 60 pounds I still weighed 400! Image looking at yourself in the mirror after losing 60 pounds and seeing absolutely NO difference! It was too much! So over and over again I would quit and gain the weight back. Well, one night on The Biggest Loser, I did the math. Over the last 15 years, I had lost over 1,000 POUNDS! Just 20, 30, or 40 pounds at a time. When I saw no results, I would quit. And what you do every day becomes your normal – so quitting became my middle name.

It began with my music career. I quit. Then my job. I settled and quit doing what I loved to do. Then, I just QUIT ON ME! Well, that night on the ranch when I was digging a hole in the Malibu Beach sand, trying to win a Biggest Loser challenge, it hit me. I was the first person to uncover my chest, but I still didn’t win the challenge. After doing the math that night on how much I had lost over the years, I also discovered I had done more work GIVING UP and QUITTING then if I had just FOLLOWED THROUGH. I lost 239 pounds in 6 1/2 months on The Biggest Loser. That’s a quarter of what I lost at home 15 years up to that point! That night, digging a hole in the sand, I wanted to quit a hundred times…BUT I DIDN’T! I chose NOT TO GIVE UP!

Stop giving up when you don’t immediately see results. LOSE YOUR QUIT and FINISH STRONG! You might not see it, but each step matters. And if you don’t give up on your goals and dreams – and YOU – you will get there. Make a plan, follow the plan, finish the plan. Lose Your Quit and you WILL SUCCEED!

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