Here’s what’s next on Danny Cahill’s agenda!

Hey all!  Tennessee was AWESOME!  I met great people and even learned more about myself on the trip.

Next, I’m going to New York City with Darci to do some magazine shoots with US magazine and In Touch!  Our up coming Vow Renewals that we announced on THe Biggest Loser coming home episode is coming up!  Also, I’m running that darn Boston Marathon in 2 weeks!  ARRRGH!

I’m on The Biggest Loser again on April 13th!  Tune in!

I’m going to be on Suze Orman on CNBC on Saturday, April 17th! Tune in!

The Doctors want me to have my surgery earlier than expected!  I’m looking to have my Skin Removal surgery in June/July! Stay tuned!

I’m going to be on the Moody Blues show on RSU Television Network in Tulsa/Claremore!  Tune in Wednesday Night during their telethon!

Also, I am speaking at NSU/BA Friday! And on April 27, Tune in to TBN when Rice Broocks will interview me! Nashville, HERE I COME!

Stay tuned for more everyone!   –Danny C

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