Get ready for a great 2012 with Danny Cahill, the Biggest Loser ever!

        2012 looks to be a great year!  Danny is already being booked at companies and venues around the United States and even overseas!

   The first place you’ll see him is in People Magazine in the upcoming "Half Their Size" issue!  Watch for him and a few fellow Biggest Losers just after Christmas on the newsstands!

   During 2011, Danny spoke and participated in events for many companies including Gorton’s Inc., Melton Truck Lines, Chick-fil-A, and more!  Perhaps the most intense was with the Williams Company, a global energy company based in the United States (NYSE:WMB).  They are a self-insured company that decided to bring Danny on board to help with their Williams Way to Wellness campaign.  During 2011, participation in the campaign DOUBLED compared to participation before Danny’s involvement!  Many even ran the Route 66 Marathon’s 5K and 1/2 Marathon with Danny and a few even ran the full marathon!  Talk about inspiring others to make a change!

     Danny and his wife Darci have signed a publishing deal to write their life story which will be out in 2012.  When you hear the story behind the story, you will be amazed.  Being 460 pounds was just the tip of the iceberg that Danny and Darci had to go through.  It was just a part of the journey these two have been through…and are still going through today!  Be on the lookout for more information in 2012!

    Danny and his wife will appear on the Joyce Meyer program in early 2012.  Look for it and tell your friends!

   Be sure to watch his calendar on his website and read his motivational blog at!  Have a great holiday and kick off 2012 with a bang!

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