Discovery! The beginning of my life!

Imagine, standing on the 40th floor of a high-rise looking out the window. You left your windows down in the car. It really looks like rain! You take the elevator to the floor and walk outside…It’s sunny!

What in the world just happened?

Ohhhh….The windows were tinted and that made it look like the clouds were black!

This is how we see life every day. Through a window made through the experiences in our lives, what people taught us, what we “heard” or “read”.

Now…Imagine taking off those sunglasses to see the world as it really is.  That is Discovery! I promise you one thing, if you go to Discovery!, you will thank me.  You will never be the same again!

This was the most enlightening, inspirational, spiritual, loving experience I have ever had. If I had money, I WOULD SEND EVERYONE! Go to the site and watch the video.  Ask me about it! I’ll tell you all I can!


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