Danny Cahill of The Biggest Loser is running the Route 66 Marathon’s ½ Marathon and 5K Race on November 19th and November 20th

   It all began early in the year when The Williams Company hired Danny to speak at several locations nationwide to their employees.  The Williams Way to Wellness began in early 2011 and many of those he spoke to at Williams will be running with him in the Route 66 Marathon!  Although Danny has run 2 full marathons since losing 239 pounds on The Biggest Loser and becoming the Biggest Loser EVER in the history of the show during the shortest season, this time he is focusing on the 5K and the ½ Marathon to be able to share it with those that have never run anything in their lives!

   He challenged the employees to “Lose their Quit” and set a goal to do something they never had done before.  For many, they had never done a 5K and for those who have he mentioned the ½ Marathon.  He then pledged to train himself for the ½ marathon and run them alongside the employees despite his intense travel schedule.  “I figured that with their lives…work schedules, family, and everyday things people have to deal with…if I could dedicate myself to train for the ½ marathon despite having to fly over 100 flights that it might speak to them and allow them to find a way to train themselves.”

   Danny says that so many times he let excuses such as his schedule, lack of time and other things keep him from living a healthy lifestyle.  So many people do that today that he had to make a point that it was also time to “Lose the Lies” and embrace a goal.  “Without goals and steps to achieve those goals, we often become stagnant and no growth happens in our own lives.  If you are consistently setting new goals for yourself you can always see personal growth in some area of your life which always leads to growth in other areas, too” Cahill said.  “I encourage anyone who can to show up November 19th and at least do the 1 mile fun run.  Walk, run or crawl it just to begin a change in their lives.  Any journey always starts with 1 step, and November 19th can be that first step!” he added.  You can find out more about the Williams Route 66 Marathon at www.route66marathon.com.  Hire Danny to speak at your event or look for Danny’s event calendar at www.thedannycahill.com.

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