Danny Cahill Fast Food Survival Guide 7 – Muscle Maker Grill

    I’ve been to healthy food restaurants before, and it is comforting when you know that the calories and nutritional make-up of the food is pretty good. But it’s really awesome when the food tastes great too! This is what I found at Muscle Maker Grill. Here in Tulsa, it’s located at Highway 75 and 71st St. in the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center. I drove there in the snow to sample some of their best selling dishes, and here’s what I found:

   First, I tried the Texas Chicken Nuggets. A serving of them are 284 calories and only 310mg of sodium. My first thought was that my son David would love them! He’s usually caught dipping his Hot Wings in a thick Bleu Cheese and killing his calories for the day! These are served with fat-free sour cream and trust me, they are amazing!

   Then, I had a few bites of the Mardi Gras Cajun Grilled Chicken Salad. It was amazing, and without the croutons it is Gluten Free! In fact, EVERY DISH except one can be made Gluten-Free which is a great plus for those looking for Gluten-free restaurants! A serving of the salad is 415 calories and has 610 mg of Sodium. It is very high in protein and low in carbs, but does have a bit of fat. Overall, not a bad choice after a workout! Not to mention it tastes incredible!

   Then a plate was placed in front of me and I almost lost it. It was The Godfather! Holy cow! Just looking at it made me happy! It was made with a grilled chicken breast. Portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, reduced fat mozzarella cheese and a gluten & fat free balsamic vinaigrette! It was served on top of some steamed broccoli, and it was amazing! Not to mention it has only 366 calories per serving and 560 mg of Sodium! Pair that with 8g of fat and 14g of carbs to the 49g of protein, and you’ll probably build muscle just looking at it! This was my favorite of the day!

   Then, they brought out the wraps. I had a bite of the Signature Wrap (550 calories) and the Santa Fe Wrap (681 calories). These would be great on the go meals after a heavy lifting session or after running your 5K!

    All in all I have to say the food tasted incredible and by watching the Nutrition Guide that was readily available in the store, it’s hard to go wrong at the Muscle Maker Grill! I suggest if you live in the Tulsa area, get over there after your next workout! There’s not much on the menu that could cancel out your workout. Just be mindful of the calories and you can’t go wrong! (And how can you go wrong when the calories are right there on the menu and not hidden like at most restaurants?)

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