Challenge yourself!

   2 1/2 years ago when I was 458 pounds I would look in the mirror wondering how it all happened.  I used to cry and say to myself, “What is wrong with you?!”  I’d regret letting myself go, failing my dreams and giving up.  Then a turning point happened.

   One night walking through the house I noticed my wife Darci watching a show.  There were obese people competing in a challenge.  They were struggling and slow and I remember saying to myself, “What the heck is this!? Why are they making fun of fat people!?”  At first, when I didn’t know what the show was about, I was offended.  Then, as I watched the show I saw it for what it really was; it was a wakeup call.

   I sat on the couch thinking to myself, “Why doesn’t he just run a little harder?!  I could do that!  I ought to get on that show!”  (You know, things always look easier on TV, and I can tell you that they look a million times easier than they really are on The Biggest Loser!)  I looked at my wife and said, “I could do that.  If I got on that show, I couldn’t run away from my problems and I would be challenged again.  I haven’t challenged myself in more than 20 years!  I need to challenge myself!”  She just looked at me and smiled.  Perhaps she was remembering that 175 pound man she met and decided she would marry on our first date!  Perhaps she was silently praying, “God, make Danny keep this feeling!  Help him to save his own life!”

   Most of you know the story of me on The Biggest Loser, and if you don’t, you can re-watch season 8 and see it.  I simply needed a challenge.  Too many times we become complacent; so okay with where we are in life that we lose the drive to go any farther.  I had become complacent.

   Many of you have become complacent with your lives.  Not happy, but just settling for where you are.  Physical challenges can break the chains of complacency.  This is why I always suggest setting a physical goal.  One of my new goals is to run the Route 66 Marathon’s 5k race on November 19th and the ½ marathon on November 20th.  I know that it will get me off the couch and inspire me to get running again!


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