Biggest Loser Ever Danny Cahill is headed to Asia!

 Danny is taking his "Lose Your Quit" message to Bangkok, Thailand for an inspirational weekend to missionaries! 

Just like Danny was at one point in his life, some missionaries around the world are ready to quit.  When Danny was asked to help build up missionaries around the world to "Lose Your Quit," he agreed!  Be ready to hear awesome stories about what happens there in a few weeks!

August 12th and 13th is the Danny Cahill and John Di Lemme Mastermind Event in West Palm Beach!  This will be an exciting and jam packed weekend of intense training to get you past your limits and achieve your dreams!  For information, contact John Di Lemme at

Danny is wrapping up the Williams Way to Wellness events on August 4th with a live Question and Answer to Williams, Co. employees.  Danny’s involvement has been a huge success with the company and will conclude with Danny running the Route 66 5K on Saturday, November 19th and the Route 66 Half Marathon on Sunday, November 20th with participating Williams Company employees.  If anyone would like, Danny challenges those who haven’t to either run the 5K or the Half Marathon with him!

Some other big news is that Joyce Meyer is coming to Tulsa in August to film Danny’s testimony on how discipline played a part in his journey!  Be prepared when it airs to hear never-before told stories about Danny’s journey and how you can find that discipline to change your life!

Stay tuned for more and be sure to enter the "Lose Your Quit" contest!  Just take a picture of yourself sporting some kind of Lose Your Quit gear and email it along with a story of how it has changed your life in some way to for a chance to win!

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